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Indian Expat in Germany

Expat Support Agency. We guide through your transition.


 Dear Indian IT Expat,

 Hallo !! Namaste !!

Are you planning to relocate to Germany or in the midst of it ?

Are you looking for a translator/guide/friend to make you sail through this entire ocean of registrations and procedures ?


Then, you are at the right place.

We welcome you to avail our services and spread the word.

We are here to guide and hand hold you through the most difficult yet a very crucial transition of your life. To have a complete understanding of this entire process, we advice you to undergo our orientation session which is not that expensive at all, however can save a lot of your money, time, energy and this definitely  enable you to take right decisions.

Please book your slot now for the "Indian IT Expat Orientation Session", which we offer on every Saturday @3:30 pm based on confirmed appointments only, for your clear understanding of the entire regulatory procedure before and after relocating to Germany.

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About Us


We are a group of  ex-IT colleagues from India who in the past have sailed through a similar boat like you and got through the entire immigration process with very little or no help.


We also understand, how difficult the entire procedure is with the given circumstance, language barrier and cultural differentiation. We also observed that we had no local consultancy who could guide us through and prepare us for all the foreigner's office procedure in case one's company provides no cross over service.

Therefore, we came together to start a consultancy for all our Indian brothers and sisters with a very minimal fee and guide them from scratch and provide them our honest opinions and support during this crucial transition.
When you connect with us, we would understand that you have already received an offer from a German IT company or you have been offered an onsite position. 


We understand that every client has a different journey and therefore we provide individual scenario based honest opinion/ solutions & support, where you or your family may face difficulty even before your journey begins.



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We offer :

Expat Orientation Program 

(before and after moving to Germany)

Guide to foreigner's office and the process

(in detail guidance on document requirements and more)

Appointments and translation services

(city & address registration, family reunion and much more)

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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